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This is a guide to wireless LAN network licenses.


[License information for network software.]
[Acknowledgement:Wireless LAN software controller]
[Copyright information of used software]
[Source code presentation]

License information for network software.

Software constitution

Incorporated Software is constituted with the two or more independent software components which there is Copyright of Company or the third party, respectively.

Our development Software and free software

Our Copyright exists in development or made Software and Document to be incidental to, and, among software components equipped with, Company is indemnified and held harmless by Copyright Law, International Convention and related law.Also the software component which the third party owns Copyright, and is distributed as a free software is used.Those parts include a Software component catching the application of GNU General Public License (following, GPL), GNU Lesser General Public License (following, LGPL) or other License Agreement.


The following free software components are incorporated in QX-C300.

attr hostapd liboil radvd
avahi ICS DHCP liboop RecDescent
bootstrap inadyn libpcap redboot
bridge-utils iniparser libupnp ruli
busybox iostat libusb squashfs
compat-wireless iperf libwebsockets state machine engine
datatables iproute2 linux kernel tcpdump
date_parse ipsec tools lua trace-cmd
datetimepicker iptables luaexpat u-boot
dbus iw luasoap uClibc
dhcpv6 jquery luasocket udev
dibbler ladda lzo udns
dmalloc libber malloc utelnetd
dnsmasq libbz2 minicom util-linux
dropbear libcap-ng mtd_utils uuid
e2fsprogs libcurl ncurses uvc
ebtables libdaemon netkit-tftp wide-dhcpv6
exmap libelf ntfs_3g wireless_tools
expat libexpat ntp client xfsprogs
flex libiconv openssl xyssl
glib libmng pcp client XZ utils
glibc libmtp perl zip
hah_functions libnl portmap zlib
hex2bin libnl-3 quagga

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Acknowledgement:Wireless LAN software controller

The following free software components are incorporated in Sharp wireless LAN Software controller.

Spring Framework bootstrap jquery jCanvas
Chart AES library moment.js Ladda

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Copyright information of used software


There is those which author obliges to license indication to the software component incorporated in QX-C300.You can see the license display of such a software component.

7zip iperf lua radvd
BSD License iw luaexpat state machine engine
date_parse libber luasoap tcpdump
dbus libbz2 luasocket uuid
dropbear libcurl malloc wide-dhcpv6
expat libmng ncurses zip
flex liboil netkit-tftp zlib
hostapd libpcap openssl
ICS DHCP libupnp pcp
iniparser libwebsocket portmap

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Source code presentation


It has read the following software licensing agreement and conditions before downloading, and please click [ I agree (go to download page) ] button.

Do you covenant and agree to such a licensing agreement and conditions?

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